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  • Full Setup Assistance:  As part of our services, we would guide you through the process to set up an account for your Solo 401k.  You can have a bank or brokerage account for your solo 401(k), or even both (and we would help you set up the accounts as part of our services).  For example, if you wish to have an account at a brokerage like Fidelity or Schwab, we would prepare all of the paperwork that Fidelity or Schwab needs to set up a free account for the Solo 401k (i.e. no set up or maintenance fees) that comes with a free checkbook and through which you can invest in traditional investments (e.g., stocks, mutual funds, bonds, etc.) as well as alternative investments such as real estate, promissory notes, etc. since they are allowed under our IRS-approved plan documents. Please see more at the following links:
  • Our Fair Fee Structure: Our Solo 401k fee structure is 100% flatOur initial fee is $550 which covers everything to establish the plan (for both of you), including account set up, transfer of existing retirement funds as well as the first 12 months of ongoing compliance support.  Starting 12 months later, we charge a flat annual fee of $125.  Please see more the following link:


  • Guide for Choosing a Solo 401k ProviderClick Here to view our guide for choosing a solo 401k provider.


  • Solo 401k Compliance & Audit Guarantee: It is important to work with a solo 401k provider that will stand behind their solo 401k plan and service. Click Hereto view our solo 401k audit guarantee.
  • Solo 401k Annual Contributions: Our solo 401(k) allows for the highest contribution limits compared to other retirement account options for self-employed For example, contribute as much as $56,000 (or even $62,000 if you’re 50 or older) for 2019.  From a 401k perspective, the contributions can come from either the business or personal account.  Please see more the following link:
    Contributions – Please also see a blog post regarding contributions from my Linked In page HERE and our contributions calculator HERE.
  • Solo 401k Participant Loans: our Solo 401(k) plan allows for participant loans, and the solo 401k loan document preparation is included in our fees. Please see the following for more information on the solo 401k loan process and rules.

Solo 401k Loan Facts

Solo 401k Loan Rules

Process Solo 401k Loan

Process Multiple Solo 401k Loans


Resources Regarding the Prohibited Transaction Rules: 

Prohibited Transaction Rules

Primer on Prohibited Transactions

Solo 401k Eligibility Requirements: In a nutshell you need to be performing at minimum part-time self-employment activity in order to open and continue with the Solo 401(k) plan, and it has to be active income versus passive investment income. One way to distinguish passive income versus active income is that active income is subject to Social Security taxes were as passive income is not because it’s considered capital gains income. Visit Here to learn more about the solo 401k eligibility requirements.

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