IRA LLC Process

A Self Directed IRA LLC is easy and quick to set up.  Priced at just $800; here is how the self-directed IRA LLC process works.

Step 1: Establish self-directed IRA

Process starts with drafting of a Self-Directed IRA Operating Agreement containing specific IRA language, registering the LLC with the state and obtaining EIN from the IRS.

Step 2: Transfer retirement funds

Transfer/roll over funds from former employer retirement plans or IRAs to new Self-Directed IRA that allows for investing in an LLC.

Step 3: Checking account

As the named manager of the LLC, you establish a checking account for the LLC at any bank of your choice.

Step 4: Funding IRA LLC

The self-directed IRA custodian then processes investment directive and funds the self-directed IRA owned LLC by wiring the funds to the LLC checking account.

Step 5: Investing

After the self-directed IRA owned LLC checking account is funded, begin processing investment purchases.