MySolo401k Solo 401k Plan (checkbook) vs. the Competition

Setup Fee$525Up to $800 & up
Annual Fee-Compliance Support$125Up to $200 & up per year
Flat Fee-no hidden fees???
Same Day Solo 401k Setup Documents???
Obtain employer identification number (EIN) for the solo 401k???
IRS-approved plan including favorable determination letter???
Bank Account setup at the Bank of Your Choosing???
Free Brokerage Account with checkbook control (e.g. Fidelity, Schwab, TD Ameritrade, etc.)???
Prepare Transfer/Rollover forms to ensure proper tax reporting???
Prepare required 401k participant loan documents for multiple loans???
Computation of Plan Contribution Amounts???
Unlimited expert consultation support regarding investment rules (e.g. real estate, notes, precious metals, etc.)???
Access to Senior Compliance Team including Harvard Law Attorney & Compliance Officer with 20+ years of industry experience???
Annual Plan Compliance Support???
Form 5500-EZ preparation???
Mandatory Plan Updates & Amendments including required 2020 Required IRS plan update???
1099-R Distribution Reporting???
1099-R In-Plan Conversion and Voluntary After-Tax Reporting???
10+ years experience???
8+ years Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation???
100+ 5-star verified BBB reviews with ZERO complaints???
Saturday Hours???
Rated as Top Solo 401k Provider by multiple third-party reviewers???
Audit & Compliance Guarantee???
Monthly Client Only Webinars???
Free membership to My Community and link to your own website, and create your own business/expertise page to share with other members.???

SOLO 401(K)