Open a Solo 401k Account

Congratulations on your decision to start self-directing your hard-earned money by deciding to open a Self-Directed Solo 401(k). By furnishing us with some important information, you can establish your Solo 401(k) plan.

Step 1

Collect and Provide Information

    STEP 2

    Make Payment

    $525 Setup Fee +$125/Yr = $650 Today

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    Two ways to pay:
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    STEP 3

    Begin investing!

    Upon receipt of above information and payment, we will prepare the solo 401k establishment documents the same day, e-mail the downloand link and assist you in completing the forms and opening the bank or brokerage account(s).

    List of Solo 401k | Self-Directed 401k Documentssa
    • Solo 401(k) Adoption Agreement
    • Solo 401(k)  Trust Agreement
    • Solo 401(k) Plan Document
    • IRS Opinion/Determination Letter 
    • Beneficiary Designation
    • Entity Type Adoption
    • Our Agreement for Services for you to review and accept

    Other Forms

    • Solo 401k Participant Loan Forms
    • Transfer/Rollover Forms
    • Bank Guide for opening Solo 401k Checking Account

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    **Free Self-Directed Solo 401k**

    Our self-directed solo 401k plan is now eligible for up to $1,500 in dollar-for-dollar tax credits. Visit here to learn more.


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