Open a Solo 401k Account

Congratulations on your decision to start self-directing your hard-earned money by deciding to open a Self-Directed Solo 401(k). By furnishing us with some important information, you can establish your Solo 401(k) plan conveniently.

Here’s the information that we need to begin the solo 401(k) plan establishment process.

Step 1

Collect and Provide Information

    STEP 2

    Make Payment

    $525 Setup Fee +$125/Yr = $650 Today

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    Two ways to pay:
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    STEP 3

    Begin investing!

    Upon receipt of above information and payment, we will prepare your Solo 401k documents within 24 hours, e-mail them to you and assist you in completing forms and opening bank account(s).

    List of Solo 401k | Self-Directed 401k Documents
    • Solo 401(k) Adoption Agreement
    • Solo 401(k)  Trust Agreement
    • Solo 401(k) Plan Document
    • IRS Opinion/Determination Letter 
    • Beneficiary Designation
    • Entity Type Adoption
    • Our Agreement for Services for you to review and accept

    Other Forms

    • Solo 401k Participant Loan Forms
    • Transfer/Rollover Forms
    • Bank Guide for opening Solo 401k Checking Account

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