IRA LLC Pricing

A Self-Directed IRA LLC from My Solo 401k Financial puts you in control of your retirement funds. You will gain option to make allowable investment purchases by simply writing a check, resulting in the elimination of transaction and holding fees.

Payment of Fees:

1) My Solo 401k Financial Fees (One-Time Fee): $800

2) Fees Associated with State LLC Fee Structure:

  • Required Filing Fees (varies by state) for LLC articles of organization and charged by the state.

3) IRA Custodian Fees: ongoing IRA custodian annual fee, which you will submit directly to the IRA custodian

While you are free to choose your own IRA custodian provide they will hold a LLC on their books, some custodians that will hold the LLC on their books are Forge Trust (formally IRA Services Trust Company), and Kingdom Trust. Important Note: To stem liability and to avoid the increased possibility of investment related consequences (i.e., having all your eggs in one basket), you may want to stay away from companies that play both sides of the field (i.e., have a sister companies-one that offers the IRA LLC and and the other  that serves as the IRA custodian of the IRA that holds the LLC on their books) .

To review Forge Trust (formally IRA Services Trust Company (the custodian of the self-directed IRA) Fee Schedule click on the following link:

Forge Trust Fee Schedule (special pricing for clients of My Solo 401k Financial)

Custodian Establishment and Annual Fee: If you use Forge Trust (formally IRA Services Trust Company

  • No fee to open IRA account (online)
  • Funding of LLC $25.00 (charged from IRA at time of wire transmission of IRA funds to LLC Bank Account)
  • $50 quarterly fees and $20 quarterly asset fee (Total Annual Fee is $280.00) (Charged by Forge Trust Company)

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