IRA LLC Investments

Because the IRA LLC manager (generally the IRA participant) is free to self-direct her IRA LLC, the investment variety in an IRA LLC is immense. However, just like with a self-directed IRA, the IRA LLC manager bears the risk of investment performance.

Following is a sample list of common self-directed IRA and IRA LLC investments.

Real Estate

  • Residential Property
  • Commercial Property
  • Developed Land
  • Foreclosures
  • Rehabs/Flips
  • Mobile Homes
  • REITs

Promissory Notes & Tax Deeds

  • Mortgages
  • Deeds of Trust
  • Secured Promissory Notes
  • Unsecured Promissory Notes
  • Tax Lien
  • Tax Deed

Other Types of Investments

Invest in Multiple Types of Alternative Investments:

Can the IRA LLC invest in multiple types of investments? For example, can the LLC buy residential rental real estate and buy precious metals?

The same LLC can invest in multiple types of investments including real estate and precious metals.

Funding Frequency:

Is there any limitation on the amounts or frequency of fund transfers into the IRA LLC from the custodian (legally, not based on custodian rules)?

No, as long as the IRA is the sole member/investor of the LLC.

Robinhood Platform:

I already have a Self Direct IRA made. I want to be able to trade on a platform like Robinhood that lets me do crypto and stocks, I have searched and I can't find anything like that. Do you have any suggestions? I really want to start investing in Ripple and Dogecoin. Do you think Kraken could be the best option?

You would need to find a platform that allows for both cryptocurrency and stock trading and will open an account in the name of an LLC (which is owned by your IRA).  We are not aware of such a platform (e.g. it is our understanding that Robinhood won’t open an account for an LLC).

IRA LLC for Business Funding:

Can I use the IRA LLC to finance my own business?

No, as it would result in a prohibited transaction. The IRA rules do not allow for an IRA LLC or an IRA to be  invested in your own business. Instead, the ROBS 401k may be used. To learn more about the ROBS 401k, see the following page