The Solo 401k Establishment Process

Solo 401k Plan

We compose a customized (IRS approved) solo 401k plan (a.k.a. self-directed solo 401k with checkbook & wire control) for you.


The plan that we compose contains a Trust, which appoints you as the trustee of the solo 401K – allowing you to make all investment choices & decisions.

Checking account

We help you establish a checking account (in the name of the Trust) at any bank of your choosing. This checking account will be used for placing all investments or loans for your Solo 401k (we assist you through this process, but never have access to your account or funds). Alternatively, we can assist in establishing a brokerage account with checkbook control  and solo 401k loan feature at Fidelity, Schwab or TD Ameritrade.

Funding/ Rollover

You will fund your Solo 401K by making an initial tax-deductible contribution or by transferring funds from one or more of your existing retirement accounts or IRA into the new checking account. After you Open Solo 401k, we can facilitate the movement of funds to your new account at no extra cost.


You can begin investing your retirement funds directly into alternative (and traditional) investments – by simply writing a check.

Note: A Solo 401k is commonly referred to as a Single K or Solo K Plan.

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SOLO 401(K)