MySolo401k Business Financing Plan vs. the Competition

  MySolo401kCompetitor XCompetitor YCompetitor Z
Setup Fee$4000$4995$4995$4695
First Year Annual Maintenance Fee$0 – Waived$1428 ($119/month)$1440 ($120/month)$1164 ($97/month)
First Year Total Fees$4000$6423$6435$5859
Ongoing Annual Maintenance Fees$500/year starting in 2nd year$1428 ($119/month)$1440 ($120/month)$1164 ($97/month)
State Corporation Filing (incl. filing fees)
Obtain corporate federal employer identification number (EIN)
Corporate Records (bylaws, stock certificates, etc.)
Corporate Bank Account Assistance
IRS-approved plan incl. favorable determination letter
Plan identification number
Prepare all forms to open 401k Brokerage Account ?????????
Transfer/Rollover Assistance
Work Directly with Attorney & Compliance Officer (No Sales Rep)????????
Annual Plan Compliance Support (Form 5500, Plan Amendments, etc.)
Option to Select Own Annual Valuation ProviderValuation included w/$500 add. charge?????????
Fidelity Bond PremiumPrepare application at no charge (premium not included)Premium includedPremium not includedPremium not included