Solo 401k Contributions & Mega Backdoor Solo 401k Guides

These solo 401k guides are handy for understanding how the solo 401k contribution rules work as well as the rules for  processing conversions of voluntary after-tax funds.

Solo 401k Contribution Guides-Deep Dive

Sole Proprietorship, Independent Contractor,  Schedule C, LLC Taxed as Sole Proprietorship  
S-corp., C-corp., LLC Taxed as S-corp., W-2
Partnership, LLC Taxed as Partnership (1065-K-1)

Mega Backdoor Roth Solo 401k Guides- Deep Dive

Conversions Limit QUESTION:

Is there a limit to how many times during the year I can do a conversion, or am I limited to once per year?

In short, no. You may be thinking about the 60-day rollover rule that applies to IRAs. A conversion of voluntary after-tax solo 401k funds to a Roth IRA or a Roth Solo 401k is not considered a rollover but rather a conversion; therefore, you can process multiple conversions.

Who Fills out the Conversion Form QUESTION:

Do you need to fill out the conversion documentation form, or do I go to your website and download it?

While we will issue the Form 1099-R to report the total amount of funds converted from the after-tax solo 401k to a Roth IRA or to a Roth Solo 401k, you will need to fill out the applicable on-line conversion form listed in the forms section of our website. Click here to view the forms.

When do I Let You Know QUESTION:

When do I advise you of the total converted for the year, so you can do the required paperwork on your end?

We will know each time you fill out one of the online conversion forms located here.

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