Solo 401k LLC Setup Process & Cost

We charge $800 for the solo 401k LLC setup. If you would like My Solo 401k Financial to handle the LLC setup, please submit the following application information.

Our solo 401k LLC setup also covers the following services. 

  • Registration of LLC (note that our $800 fee does not cover the LLC registration fee charged by the secretary of state)
  • Obtaining EIN for the  LLC
  • Preparing Solo 401k LLC Operating Agreement

To get started, please provide the following. To form the LLC and to prepare LLC Operating Agreement, the following information is provided by you:

LLC Business Name (please provide 3 names in case name is already taken):

The name must contain the words limited company or limited liability company or the abbreviation L.C., LC, L.L.C. or LLC. Also, leave 401k and trust out of the name.

  • LLC Name Preference 1:
  • LLC Name Preference 2:
  • LLC Name Preference 3:

LLC Manager’s Address (generally your home address):

  • Physical Address (cannot be a PO Box):
  • LLC Manager’s name (generally the solo 401k account holder-so you):
  • Registered Agent name (generally the solo 401k account holder-so you):
  • Registered Agent’s phone number:
  • Registered agent’s address:

Making Payment for our Solo 401k LLC Services

We will provide the credit card payment form for your completion and upload.


We will start registering the LLC once payment is received so the same day or next business day.

The process starts with registering the LLC with the state.

Once the LLC has been registered with the state, we will then obtain the employer identification number (EIN) for the LLC.

Bank Account: We then provide you with the LLC Articles of Organization and EIN letter for the new solo 401k LLC so that you can open the solo 401k bank account.

LLC Operating Agreement: We then draft the solo 401k LLC Operating Agreement that contains the solo 401k rules and investment language that applies to solo 401k investments as well as LLC bank account funding instructions.

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