Not Married How to Complete Beneficiary Election Form

Important:  If married, CLICK HERE for instructions.

NOT Married use the below instructions.

Complete Pages 1 & 2 ONLY

  • Complete Section 1:

  • List Primary Beneficiary(ies)  in Section 3 and check Option A.

  • List secondary beneficiary (ies) who will inherit the account in the event of the primary beneficiary’s death.

  • Check Option A;  date the form and enter city and state; the trustee (you) sign where it reads “participant” and print your name. The witness is OPTIONAL (not required) but the witness can be anyone other than you.

  • YOU ARE DONE: The form DOES NOT need to be notarized since you are not married. 

Video SLIDES: How To Designate a Beneficiary for Your Solo 401k Plan

Naming My Living Trust as Beneficiary QUESTION:

Can my living Trust be the secondary beneficiary?

Yes you can name your living trust as either the primary beneficiary or the secondary (contingent beneficiary). Please see the following:

SOLO 401(K)