Full Transfer of Pretax Solo 401k to Pretax IRA

  • Complete this on-line form for us to help you report the FULL transfer of PRETAX Solo 401k funds to a Pretax IRA.
  • If your plan also holds Roth Solo 401k funds, please also complete the “Full Transfer of Roth Solo 401k Funds to Roth IRA” online Form found HERE.
  • EACH PARTICIPANT: If each participant in the plan holds pretax solo 401k funds, each needs to fill out the on-line distribution form listed below.

IMPORTANT: You generally can only transfer funds from the solo 401k to an IRA if you are no longer self-employed, or are shutting the plan down because your business has decided to no longer sponsor a solo 401k plan. The IRS may also later inquire as to why you closed the plan down. 

Accessing the Pretax Solo 401k Funds

Once you complete the below transfer form, VISIT HERE for how to move the funds from the pretax solo 401k account to the pretax IRA.

On-Line Form for FULL Transfer of Pretax Solo 401k to Pretax IRA

SOLO 401(K)