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ROTH Solo 401k Contributions vs Voluntary After-Tax Solo 401k Contributions

Both Roth solo 401k contributions and voluntary after-tax solo 401k contributions fall under the employee (salary deferral) contribution umbrella.  In other words, both of these contribution types are not considered employer (profit sharing) contributions, so the contributions are not tax deductible because they are considered made with post-tax dollars. Not all solo 401k plan document […]

Reporting Solo 401k After-Tax Contributions (non Roth) for an S-corp or C-corp | Form W-2

If your self-employed business is an S-Corp or C-Corp that sponsors a solo 401k plan, and you elect to make after-tax contributions to the solo 401k plan, you may report these contribution on Form W-2 line 14. See below. IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t confuse after-tax solo 401k contributions with Roth solo 401k contributions as they are […]