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Making Voluntary After-Tax Contributions to Combined Hybrid 401k and Defined Benefit Plan | DB(k) Plan

In the following post, we explain how voluntary after-tax contributions made to a Solo 401k plan does not limit the ability to fully fund a defined benefit plan. Question from Carolyn from Scottsdale, Arizona My income is W-2 from my own PLLC, about $230k.  My CPA calculated my solo 401k contributions up to (i) $18500 as […]

Airbnbn Solo 401k Rental Income – UBIT Considerations

Question: If I rent real estate owned by my Solo 401k via Airbnb, will the rental income be subject to unrelated business income tax (UBIT)? Answer: While the UBIT rules are complex and depend on the facts and circumstances, short term rental income earned from real estate owned by a Solo 401k will generally be […]

Compare Solo 401k Providers – Broad Financial Reviews | Sense Financial Reviews

I am considering opening a Solo 401k to invest in real estate and have been researching Broad Financial Reviews, Sense Financial Reviews, and the other companies in this space.  What sets My Solo 401k Financial apart? Our customers choose us because of our Expertise, Service & Reputation. Expertise:  Since 2009, My Solo 401k Financial has been providing […]

Solo 401k Loan | Roth 401k Loan Rules

QUESTION – ROTH 401K LOAN RULES I am an independent financial adviser with an Individual Solo 401k.  I have approximately $80,000 in pre-tax funds and $60,000 of Roth funds in my Solo 401k.  I would like to take a loan from my Solo 401k to expand my business and payoff some personal credit cards.  How much […]

Individual 401k | Solo 401k | Pooling Retirement Funds for Real Estate Investment

Question regarding Individual 401k/Solo 401k Real Estate Investment Rules  My wife & I are freelance graphic designers in Phoenix, Arizona & seeking to open a Solo 401k.  Our goal with the 401k is to buy real estate rental properties.  I understand that my wife and I would each have separate accounts under our Solo 401k plan. […]

Compare SEP IRA vs. Solo 401k – Advantages of a Solo 401k

We often hear from small business owners who are comparing a SEP IRA vs. Solo 401k.  For those who qualify for the Solo 401k, they will almost always find that a Solo 401k has certain features that make it the better option.  This post highlights several key advantages of a Solo 401k vs. SEP IRA. […]

UBreakIFix Franchise Review | UBreakIFix Franchise Cost | UBreakIFix Franchise Fee | Use Your 401k to Start a UBreakIFix Franchise Business

UBreakIFix Franchise Review Are you considering opening a UBreakIFix Franchise (Entrepreneur Magazine 2016 Top New Franchise)?  If so, it will be essential to understand the costs & fees and how you will pay for those expenses.  This article highlights some key expenses listed in the 2016 Franchise Disclosure Document.  It also describes how you can […]

Borrowing Against 401k | Can you pledge 401k as collateral?

Borrowing Against 401k Question: My Solo 401k funds are in a brokerage account at Fidelity.  This is a great option for me as I have a strong comfort level with Fidelity as I have had a brokerage account there for years.  On occasion, I will tap a line of a credit secured by my brokerage […]

How to Make Solo 401k Contributions After The Deadline

Do you want to make Solo 401k contributions for 2018 but you missed the Solo 401k deadline by failing to establish the plan by December 31, 2018? No Worries! There is a workaround that will allow you to make retirement plan contributions & reduce your taxable income for 2018. This strategy takes advantages of differences […]

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