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Questions about investing in RE With a Solo 401k Plan

QUESTIONS: Hi – I was looking at self directed retirements plans &  reviewing your plans. Q 1: I am curious can a solo 401k be my lender on an investment property, allowing me to pay the interest to my 401k? Q 2: Or can they come in after i have bought to find the mortgaged […]

Short Term Loan |60-Day Distribution | 20% Federal Tax

QUESTION: Can I take a short term loan out of my Solo 401K? I want to take 5K out for 1 week and put it back. ANSWER: While the minimum solo 401k participant loan amount is $1,000, the rules do allow for early payoff of the loan with no pre-payment penalties. If you’re trying to […]

Use Solo 401k for Car Wash Investment

QUESTION: I have an opportunity to invest in a car wash in CA. I will be partnering with a local, experienced car wash operator who will be responsible for the car wash operations. My role is to provide equity and oversight. My goal is to participate in the revenue upside. My understanding is that Business […]

Form 5498 Does Not Apply to Solo 401k Plans

Form 5498 does not apply to qualified plans including solo 401k plans. This form only applies to IRAs. See:   Unfortunately, financial institutions that process IRA distributions as 60-day rollovers instead of processing the movement of funds as a “direct-rollover” to a solo 401k plan or full-time employer 401k plan will incorrectly inform the […]

Who is Not Required to Take a 2018 RMD by December 31?

While most solo 401k owners who are 70 ½ or older will need to take a 2018 required minimum distribution (RMD) by December 31, 2018. However, that deadline does not apply to all solo 401k owners. Solo 401k owners who are age 70 ½ or over are not required to be take an RMD from their solo 401k by […]

Transfer/Restate Ascensus Solo 401k to a Self-Directed Solo 401k

Those existing solo 401k clients of Ascensus that want to convert their existing solo 401k plan to a self-directed solo 401k that will allow for checkbook control for investing in alternative investments such as bitcoin, real estate, metals, tax liens, and private equity can do so by restating their Ascensus solo 401k plan to a […]

New LLC Creation for Solo 401k and my husband’s IRA

I emailed last month about creating a new LLC that would have 2 members – my Solo 401k and my husband’s IRA. Both retirement funds would contribute (different amounts) so that we could purchase 1-2 properties. We would like to have your company create that LLC for us.  I do have a couple of questions: […]

Can I transfer Existing Solo 401k Funds to an IRA?

QUESTION: Will I be able to rollover some of my 401k solo funds to another trading IRA account ? ANSWER: The solo 401k already allows for investing in stocks or mutual funds, so we can assist you in opening a Fidelity or Schwab brokerage account, for example. However, if you still want to transfer some […]

Self-Directed 401k for LLC Self-Employed Business

BACKGROUND & QUESTION: I currently have a 401k with my previous employer in a Voya account. I started an LLC recently in PA and was considering options for setting up a self directed 401K, and came across your website. This LLC is brand new and I am currently the only employer. My primary interest is […]

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