Solo 401k

Items to Consider if You Plan to Process a Roth Solo 401k Conversion in 2021

You may be considering converting your traditional (pretax) solo 401k to a Roth solo 401k (designated Roth account) in 2021. Following are key items to understand prior to proceeding. December 31, 2021 is the Deadline Conversions must be processed by December 31, 2021 in order to count for 2021. This means that the funds and/or […]

ErisX Review – How to Invest your Self-directed Solo 401k with ErisX

Live Webinar with ErisX Crypto Expert. Step-by-Step Guide to Open Solo 401k account at ErisX.

Self-Directed Solo 401k Participant Loan Vs. Self-Directed Solo 401k Distribution

While both a distribution and a participant loan results in removing funds from the self-directed solo 401k plan, the rules vary both from being able to gain access to  the funds to whether or not taxes and penalties apply.  This blog post will cover the differences between processing a participant loan from your solo 401k […]

Can I earn interest on Crypto/Bitcoin in My Solo 401k/IRA?

Please check out our webinar where we review whether you can earn interest on cryptocurrency/bitcoin in a Solo 401k/IRA account IRS View of Cryptocurrency How to Invest Retirement Funds in Crypto How to Earn Interest on Crypto/Bitcoin Will the IRS tax interest on Crypto/Bitcoin in My Solo 401k/IRA? Video Slides: Can I Earn Interest on […]

What is a Solo IRA?

While the term “Solo IRA” is often used to  referred to a self-directed solo 401k,  the IRS does not recognize the term solo IRA to refer to a solo 401k plan. Instead the IRS, uses the following terms to refer to a 401k plan for the self-employed: Visit Here to view the IRS page on […]