The ROTH IRA LLC Five-Year Rules

Can the Roth IRA LLC participant take Roth IRA distributions prior to the 5 year period? Yes.  However, part or all of the distribution may be taxable depending on your age and the source of funds being distributed (basis vs gains).   The IRS refers to the tax treatment of Roth IRA LLC distributions as either […]

IRA LLC / Checkbook IRA Required Beginning Date Top Items

The required beginning date (RBD) applies to IRA participants and IRA beneficiaries, and is significant because it results in having to take distributions from the IRA. Following are some important items to know about the RBD. 1. The RBD for IRA LLC owners is the date that required minimum distributions (RMD) must commence. 2. The […]

Should I Open a Solo 401k or an IRA LLC for Investing in Real Estate?

SCENARIO: My husband has recently transitioned employers and we are considering the idea of rolling over his previous employer’s provided 401(k) into a self-directed IRA.  Our primary interest is using these funds to invest in real estate.  From the details provided online, we are mainly interested in the Solo 401(k) or the IRA LLC. The only […]

Do I setup IRA Before Doing a Checkbook IRA?

QUESTION: I currently have a 401k I would like to roll into a checkbook IRA. I read your steps and see your fee. Do you complete the steps for me or do I need to do that before contacting you? ANSWER: With our company, we let you choose the self-directed IRA custodian, with the most […]


I have $100K in a SEP IRA Opened and originally funded October of 2017 for my 2016 taxes returns (I had filed an extension). I would like to roll this over to a self directed IRA so that I can invest in real estate projects (by notes) that I am not involved in. I am […]

Roth IRA Turned 20 in 2018 & 16 Roth IRA Facts

Roth IRA contributions were first allowed in 1998 as a result of The Tax Relief Act of 1997 which created the Roth IRA. The Roth IRA was named after the now deceased Senator William Roth, Jr. (R-Del.) who lobbied the most for it. Here are some facts regarding the Roth IRA: 1. You can be over […]

Solo 401k Retirement Creation for CEO

QUESTION: I am the co-founder and CEO of a company.  I am on payroll as an employee, and we don’t yet have a retirement vehicle setup for our employees (we hope to by mid-2018). My questions has to do with my personal situation.  Do you offer a retirement vehicle, other than my personal Roth IRA, […]

ROTH IRA LLC Contribution Facts

Contributions can be made if you have earned income You contribute already taxed funds (after-tax funds) to a Roth IRA You cannot take a tax deduction for your Roth IRA contribution like you can for a Traditional IRA You can make Roth IRA contributions both before and after age 70 ½ whereas Traditional IRAs cannot […]

Transfer 401k to Self-Directed IRA LLC

QUESTION: I live in Virginia and I have a 401k account that want to roll over into a Roth IRA or traditional IRA so I can minimize taxes and fees and use some of the money to purchase a home as an investment in Virginia. Is this possible? I am no longer working for the […]

Solo 401k Real Estate | IRA LLC Real Estate

I have an existing IRA and would like to be able to invest in real estate using my retirement funds. Please provide me with additional information. Thanks, MH As a Solo 401k provider and self-directed IRA LLC facilitator, we can assist you with opening a self-directed solo 401k or an IRA for investing in real […]

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