IRA LLC Owned Real Estate In-Kind Distribution Rules

Just like the IRA LLC rules allow for the distribution of cash, the same is true for the distribution of alternative investments owned by the IRA LLC. Alternative investments allowed in an IRA LLC include promissory notes, metals, tax liens, cryptocurrency, private placements and physical real estate, for example. For this post, we will address […]

Podcast How to Get a Non-Recourse Loan for Self-directed Solo 401k & IRA Accounts

Please watch or listen to our podcast discussion with Non-Recourse Loan Expert Roger St. Pierre from Roger shares his deep expertise in non-recourse loans for Self-directed Solo 401k and IRA retirement investments. How to Qualify for a Non-Recourse Loan for a Self-directed 401k/IRA Non-Recourse Loan Qualification Tool COVID-19 Impact to Non-Recourse Loans Residential, Commerical, […]

Podcast – Syndicated Multi-Family Real Estate Investment Expert Kaylee McMahon “The Apartment Queen”

Check out our podcast interview with “The Apartment Queen” Kaylee McMahon who is an expert and successful real estate investor. Kaylee shares her deep expertise in syndicated multi-family real estate investments: Self-directed Solo 401k & IRA LLC Investments COVID-19 impact to syndicated real estate transactions How to Invest in Syndicated Multi-Family Real Estate Investments Kaylee […]

Self-Directed IRA TIC Investment Question

QUESTION: I came across your web site and blog which has a few questions and answers similar to my situation but I couldn’t quite find an answer, I wonder if you can help me. My two brothers and I own a small investment property with equal ownership 1/3 each, directly in each of our names […]

Self-Directed IRA First-Time Home Buyer Exception

Generally, the 10% early distribution penalty applies to distributions taken from a self-directed IRA prior to the account holder reaching age 59 1/2, and this penalty tax is in addition to federal taxes and possibly state taxes. Fortunately, the 10% early distribution tax penalty is waived if the funds are used for the purchase of […]