Do I Need an Adviser for a Solo 401k & Fee Based vs Fee-Only Advisers

While the solo 401k rules do not require the solo 401k trustee to hire an investment adviser and can thus decide how to invest the solo 401k funds, those who do choose to hire an adviser should understand the difference between a fee based and a fee-only adviser. What is a Fee Based Adviser? The […]

2021 IRA Annual Contribution Limits Released Notice 2020-79

The 2021 annual IRA contribution limits were recently released by the IRS and are found in Notice 2020-79. Here are the IRA contribution limits for 2021: Traditional and Roth IRA contributions: $6,000 (unchanged) Traditional and Roth IRA catch-up contributions: $1,000 The ability to do deduct the IRA contribution amount is based on your earned income. The deductibility phase-out […]

Not All IRAs are Protected from General Creditors

It is important to understand the creditor protection rules as they apply to IRAs especially when the economy is turning sour. Often times, IRA account holders do not realize until it is too late that anxious non-bankruptcy creditors (general creditors) can come after IRAs. To read our prior post on the IRA bankruptcy rules VISIT […]

How to Invest a Self-Directed IRA LLC (Checkbook IRA) In Real Estate

Investing a self-directed IRA LLC in real estate is similar to investing a self-directed IRA in real estate in that the same IRS prohibited transaction and IRA rules apply. That being said, here is a helpful procedure for investing an IRA LLC in real estate. First open a self-directed IRA with a custodian that will […]

Historical Better Business Bureau Reviews for My Solo 401k Financial

In 2019, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) implemented a new policy surrounding how long business reviews remain on the member’s BBB page. Prior to the change, reviews stayed on the businesses BBB page indefinitely. Under the new procedure, previously posted BBB reviews now drop off after 3 years. We have created this page to tack […]