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IRA LLC Owned Real Estate In-Kind Distribution Rules

Just like the IRA LLC rules allow for the distribution of cash, the same is true for the distribution of alternative investments owned by the IRA LLC. Alternative investments allowed in an IRA LLC include promissory notes, metals, tax liens, cryptocurrency, private placements and physical real estate, for example. For this post, we will address […]

A Primer on Self-Directed Solo 401k Prohibited Transactions

A Primer on Self-Directed Solo 401k Prohibited Transactions Investors like to open self-directed solo 401k plans because they want to diversify away from traditional investments (e.g., mutual funds, bonds, and stocks) and start investing in alternative investments such as real estate, private equity, promissory notes, tax liens and metals. Investors invest their solo 401k funds […]

Individual 401k Compensation Question: Can a Solo 401k Trustee receive compensation from the Solo 401k plan?

Question: My wife and I have a Solo 401k that is invested in a rental property.  The house that is in the trust has a positive cash flow of $550.00 per month. Each month we put aside $100.00 for future maintenance and repair costs, along with payments to our property manager.  Could you please tell me […]