Crypto’s Wild Week/ Proposed IRS Reporting Rules: Time to Move to Solo 401k/IRA LLC?

Harvard Law Attorney George Blower reviews the recent US Treasury proposal to increase IRS reporting of cryptocurrency transactions.



Proposed IRS Cryptocurrency
Reporting Rules

  • May 2021: US Treasury proposes increased IRS reporting requirement for cryptocurrency transactions
    • Currently, crypto exchanges must issue 1099-K if more than 200 transactions & $20k in gross proceeds
  • Regulatory Context: Continues increased regulatory focus (e.g. enforcement priority, 1040 reporting)
  • Who would be required to report?
    • Cryptocurrency/cryptoasset exchange accounts & payment service accounts that accept cryptocurrencies
      • Note: The language of the proposal does not limit the proposed reporting requirement to transactions greater than $10,000
    • Businesses that receive cryptoassets with a fair market value of more than $10,000
      • Compare with the current requirement to report cash transactions of $10k and greater (Form 8300)
  • Regulatory Objectives: Detect Criminal Activity & Tax Collection

Advantages of Crypto Investing
in Your Retirement Account

  • Tax Shelter/Tax-deferred
    • Potentially tax-free via Roth 401k/Roth IRA LLC ØSimplify Taxes
  • Since cryptocurrency is considered personal property for tax purposes, trading cryptocurrency or using it to purchase goods/services is a transaction subject to capital gains:
    • Transaction history including fair market value throughout to determine cost basis, etc.
    • Records to determine the length of time owned to determine if subject to short-term or long-term capital gains
    • Note: Many exchanges don’t provide this information
  • Practical Impact: Increased Reporting will increase the importance of opening the crypto exchange account under the EIN of the Solo 401k/IRA LLC

Advantages of Crypto Investing

  • Access to a broader range of cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Ability to store cryptocurrency in a physical hardware wallet
  • Private Transactions
  • Invest in other alternative investments
    • Checkbook control

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