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ErisX Review – How to Invest your Self-directed Solo 401k with ErisX

Live Webinar with ErisX Crypto Expert. Step-by-Step Guide to Open Solo 401k account at ErisX.

Can I earn interest on Crypto/Bitcoin in My Solo 401k/IRA?

Please check out our webinar where we review whether you can earn interest on cryptocurrency/bitcoin in a Solo 401k/IRA account IRS View of Cryptocurrency How to Invest Retirement Funds in Crypto How to Earn Interest on Crypto/Bitcoin Will the IRS tax interest on Crypto/Bitcoin in My Solo 401k/IRA? Video Slides: Can I Earn Interest on […]

Solo 401k for Physicians

QUESTION: Can a physician open a solo 401k plan? My wife and I are physicians, and we recently formed a professional medical corporation designated as an S-corp. (of which we are the sole employees and shareholders). We are interested in setting up solo 401(k)s. ANSWER: Just like a solo 401k can be adopted by sole […]

Congress Plans to Make Retirement Plan Reform in 2021

Last week The U.S. Senate Finance Committee had a hearing to discuss plan changes in 2021 for retirement plans including 401k, solo 401k, 457b and 403b. Here are some of the possible changes discussed: Allow for higher catch-up contributions for those age 60 or older. Increasing the the required minimum distribution (RMD) age from 72 […]

ASCENSUS Individual k Review – How to Change to a Self-directed Solo 401k

ASCENSUS Individual k Review Please check out our webinar as we discuss the top reasons why clients transfer or switch their solo 401k at ASCENSUS to a self-directed Solo 401k with us including The reasons why clients switch The fees and costs The ongoing compliance support that we provide. Upgrade Your ASCENSUS Solo 401k Why Switch? 100% […]