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General Information: Investing a Solo 401k in Real Estate

Information Regarding Investing a Solo 401k Plan in Real Estate: For more information please see the following link: Non–recourse financing: Find lenders that specialize in non–recourse loans to solo 401k plans: CLICK HERE Real Estate Investment Procedure: Click Here Real Estate FAQs: Click Here Invest in Real Estate: Click Here Prohibited Transactions Self-Directed 401k Click Here Single Member LLC for Solo 401k Investing: While not required for investing in alternative […]

Roth IRA LLC Distribution Rule in Year the Owner Turns age 59 1/2

QUESTION:   I turn 59 1/2 on on October 17 of this year. I’ve had my Roth IRA LLC for over 5 years now. I now want to distribute the earning is my Roth IRA LLC without being subject to taxes and the 10% early distribution penalty.  Do I have to wait until I turn 59 […]

IRA LLC Owned Real Estate In-Kind Distribution Rules

Just like the IRA LLC rules allow for the distribution of cash, the same is true for the distribution of alternative investments owned by the IRA LLC. Alternative investments allowed in an IRA LLC include promissory notes, metals, tax liens, cryptocurrency, private placements and physical real estate, for example. For this post, we will address […]

Top Self-Directed 401k Investments & Rules

A self-directed 401k also known as a solo 401k is a popular retirement  plan for the self-employed with no full-time W-2 employees. What makes the self-directed 401k so popular over other self-employed plans (e.g., DBP, SEP IRA and SIMPLE IRA) is the ability to easily self-direct it into both traditional investments (e.g., stocks and mutual […]

Self-Directed 401k for LLC Self-Employed Business

BACKGROUND & QUESTION: I currently have a 401k with my previous employer in a Voya account. I started an LLC recently in PA and was considering options for setting up a self directed 401K, and came across your website. This LLC is brand new and I am currently the only employer. My primary interest is […]