401k Business Financing

Top 10 Business Financing 401k (ROBS 401k) Items to Know

Neither nondeductible (after-tax) IRAs nor Roth IRA funds can be transferred to the Business Financing 401k (ROBS 401k). While Roth 401k, Roth 457 and Roth 403b can be transferred to the “Roth Designated Account” bucket of the Business Financing 401k (ROBS 401k), this bucket cannot be invested in your C-Corporation business. As a rule of […]

Steps Involved In Using a TSP to Fund a ROBS C-Corp Business

Request: Please give me a list of the steps involved in moving my money from my TSP account into a C Corp and using the funds to buy a business. ANSWER: The Business Financing 401k Plan, also known as a ROBS 401k, allows you to fund a business with your retirement funds without taking a […]

Solo 401k Loan for Business Financing & 401k Business Financing Plan

If you are seeking to use your retirement funds for business financing and currently have retirement funds in various former employer plans and IRA accounts, the financing of the business can be done using solo 401k funds through a solo 401k participant loan or using the 401k business financing plan (also known as a ROBS […]

Business Financing 401k Flow for Subsequent Stock Investment in the C-Corporation

QUESTIONS: How does the release of funds work after I open the C-corporation that is funded with my business financing 401k plan? I guess my question is, do I need to send some sort of request every time I need to use the money, does it need to get approved, or the money is available […]

403b can I use it to fund my business?

403b QUESTION: I am thinking about using my 403b funds to fund my business, can this be done and would like to know how the process works timing, and fees associated with it. 403b ANSWER: While a 403b cannot invest in one’s own business, yes a 403b can be transferred to the business financing 401k […]

Looking to Use my 401k to Start a Business where I am day trading

QUESTION: I found out about your company doing a google search. I am looking to use my 401k to start a business where I am day trading and investing the money into other business ventures.  The stock day trading would only be for myself and I wouldn’t have anyone’s money that I would be managing […]

Highlights for Business CPA -Business Financing 401k (ROBS) 401k

While the 401k provider will take care of annual compliance items related to the business financing 401k (ROBS 401k), the business CPA should be aware of the following main items: The ROBS 401k funded business must be and remain a C-Corporation and NOT be an S corp as long as the 401k owns equity in […]

Can I Transfer a Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) to a ROBS 401k?

I am currently employed by the federal government and have a TSP account.  I am preparing to leave my job in November or December to start a new retail business specializing in outdoor gear and apparel.  I have done extensive research on the ROBS process and believe that it is a good option for this […]

Payout for ROBS 401k Stock Investment

QUESTION: How does the payout work for the ROBS 401k regarding profit from the business? Would the business issue a dividend to the ROBS 401k? ANSWER: In short: yes. All of the revenue generated by the ROBS 401k funded business will simply flow in and out of the corporation’s business account.  If at the end […]

UBreakIFix Franchise Review | UBreakIFix Franchise Cost | UBreakIFix Franchise Fee | Use Your 401k to Start a UBreakIFix Franchise Business

UBreakIFix Franchise Review Are you considering opening a UBreakIFix Franchise (Entrepreneur Magazine 2016 Top New Franchise)?  If so, it will be essential to understand the costs & fees and how you will pay for those expenses.  This article highlights some key expenses listed in the 2016 Franchise Disclosure Document.  It also describes how you can […]

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