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I have a Solo 401k with Fidelity Investments. I already made my Employee contribution for 2017 ( but not yet my employer contribution as I will wait til the end of the year to know the precise amount).

Is it too late to use your plan instead for 2017?  Can I simply transfer this Employee contribution to a “Fidelity Investment Only” account so that I can be compliant with your prototype plan ?

I realize now I want a Solo 401k that enables me to do after tax contributions, as well as permit in service distributions of the after tax contributions into a Roth IRA (with earnings going to a traditional IRA).

Are you able to offer help to someone like me?

Is it too late to use your plan instead for 2017?


It is certainly not too late to sign up for our plan for 2017. Changing from one solo 401k provider to another is known as “restating” your plan.  We would draft the Fidelity paperwork to open Fidelity Investment Only account(s) for your Solo 401k plan as part of our services for no additional charge.

Our plan allows for both & we would draft paperwork to open a Fidelity account for your after-tax funds (since the funds should be segregated from pre-tax funds). If you would like to get started please simply submit our online application:


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