Ubiquity Solo 401k Review – Top Reasons to Upgrade to a Self-Directed Solo 401k

Please check out our webinar as we discuss the top reasons why clients transfer or switch restate their solo 401k at Ubiquity to a self-directed Solo 401k with us including

  • The process
  • The costs
  • The ongoing compliance support that we provide.

Restatement –
Ubiquity to Self-directed Solo 401k

  • Reasons to Switch
    • 100% FLAT FEE self-directed plan including Mega Backdoor Roth and All Allowable Alternative Investments
    • Open Account at 100s of banks, brokerages, cryptocurrency and alternative investments platform
    • Expert Compliance Support (5500-ez, 1099-R, expert compliance team, etc.) for no additional charge
  • How to Switch
  • Get more info

Ubiquity to Self-directed Solo 401k

Ubiquity Solo 401k Comparison

How to Change Plan Providers:
Ubiquity to Self-directed Solo 401k

  • Process:
    • New Solo 401k Plan Documents
      • List the original plan effective date
    • Obtain 401K EIN
    • Close Existing Account and Open New Account(s)
      • Pre-Tax, Roth and Voluntary After-Tax
      • Spouses
    • Ubiquity “Deconversion” Transfer Form
    • Not Required: No Final 5500-EZ or 1099-r
  • Additional Considerations:
    • If assets exceed $250K:
      • Have you been filing Form 5500-EZ?
      • If not, need to file under the IRS Correction Program
    • Do you wish to keep investments (in-kind transfer)?
      • Confirm that new brokerage account provider offers those funds
    • Are there multiple participants (e.g. spouses)?
      • Segregate the funds and transfer into separate sub-accounts
    • Consider filing an extension to ensure plenty of time to make contributions

Self-directed Solo 401k –
Compliance Support

  • Form 5500-ez
    • If your solo 401k plan balance exceeded $250,000 as of December 31, a Form 5500-EZ is due to the IRS by July 31. 
  • 1099-R
    • Distributions, Rollover, In-Plan Conversions
  • Solo 401k IRS Required Plan Updates
    • IRS-required plan updates with the next required update occurring in 2020 or 2021 once the IRS approves the industry-wide update
  • Contribution Calculation (including Mega Backdoor Roth)
  • Loan Document Preparation
  • Alternative Investments
  • Account Setup Bank, Brokerage, Crypto exchange, etc.

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