Transfer SEP IRA to Solo 401k and Non-Recourse Loan Questions


I have both a rollover IRA from a previous employer and a SEP IRA. Can I combine these into a solo 401K?


Presumably you are self-employed if you are already participating in a SEP IRA, but to clarify, here is how the IRS defines self-employment:

Yes the IRS rollover rules permit the transfer of SEP IRAs and Rollover IRAs to a self-employed 401k such as a solo 401k plan.

To see a full list of retirement account types that may be transferred to a solo 401k plan click here.


Also, is it possible to purchase real estate using a non-recourse loan plus a down payment from the solo 401k?


Yes a solo 401k may incorporate non-recourse loan financing when investing in real estate, whether for domestic or international real estate.

Some of the rules that apply when using debt financing in conjunction with a self-directed 401k to invest in real estate properties include the following:

  • The non-recourse loan is to the solo 401k, not the solo 401k owner/participant;
  • the lender, whether a bank or an individual, can only look to the property for repayment in the event of non-recourse loan default, not any other asset of the solo 401k; and
  • The non-recourse loan does not show up on the solo 401k trustee’s credit report.

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