Rollover as Business Startup (ROBS 401k) PROS and CONS – Q&A Webinar

We hosted a live webinar on our My Community to discuss the pros and cons of using a rollover as business startup (ROBS 401K) to fund the startup or purchase of a business with retirement funds.

How does a ROBS 401K work?

A rollover as business startup (ROBS) transaction allows you to use your retirement money to start or buy a business without paying taxes or penalties.

Key ROBS requirements

  • Use retirement funds in a former employer plan and/or non-Roth IRA
  • Use the funds to start or buy an active business (i.e. operating company providing goods and/or services)
  • C-corporation
  • Bona fide employee (e.g. 1000 hours per year)

ROBS 401k Process

  • Step 1: Incorporate C-corporation
  • Step 2: C-corporation sponsors 401k plan
  • Step 3: Rollover funds to 401k
  • Step 4: Invest 401k funds in the stock of the C-corporation
  • Step 5: C-corporation may use the funds for legitimate business purposes including to buy or start a business


#1 Invest Retirement Funds without incurring taxes or penalties 

  • Invest all eligible retirement funds (e.g. former employer plan and/or non-Roth IRA):
    • No taxes
    • No Penalties

#2 Start or buy a business “debt-free”

  • ROBS 401K investment structured as a stock purchase:
    • No loan payments required
    • Keep funds in the business to grow business

#3 No credit score, guarantee or underwriting requirements

  • A ROBS 401k is not a loan.
    • No credit score requirement
    • No underwriting
    • No personal guarantee

#4 Access funds quickly

  • With no underwriting or approval process, funds can be accessed relatively quickly:
    • Typically access funds in about 3 weeks

#5 Use funds as down payment on a loan

  • The proceeds of a ROBS 401K investment may be used as a downpayment to qualify for an SBA or other business loan.
    • Leverage funds to buy a bigger business

#6 Invest your retirement funds in yourself

  • With a ROBS 401k, your retirement funds are invested in your own business:
    • Instead of Wall Street stock investments, invest in business that you have complete control over
    • Invest in what you know


#1 You may lose your business and your retirement savings

  • If the business that is funded with your retirement funds fails, you may also ultimately lose all or a significant part of the retirement funds invested in the business.

#2 Must operate the business as a C-corp

  • As long as you own part of the business via the ROBS 401K, the business must be operated as a C-corporation.

#3 Must maintain a 401K plan

  • The ROBS C-corp must maintain a 401k plan:
    • Offer to eligible employees
    • Annual 5500 filing
    • Annual valuation, etc.

Continue the discussion in our My Community where our Owners host a daily LIVE webinar where you can ask questions and you can post questions in our forums: ROBS 401K Business Financing forum

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