My Solo 401k Useful Links to IRS Websites

You can find a lot of useful information on the IRS website regarding retirement plans, but a lot of times it’s tough to sift through it. As a result, the following links to IRS web sites may be useful.

Tax Information for Retirement Plans. This is the IRS’s retirement plans home page and contains links to information about retirement plan topics.

IRS Retirement Plans Newsletters. This site has links to current and past editions of “Employer Plans News” and “Retirement News for Employers.” These periodic newsletters contain information about current development, upcoming events, and other topics relating to retirement plans.,,id=122812,00.html

IRS Forms and Publications.Us the links located at view and download forms and publications.

Internal Revenue Bulletins (IRBs). These are published weekly and provide IRS announcements, rulings and information pertaining to retirement plans such asSolo 401k.,,id=98230,00.html

IRS Drop Library.Announcements, notices, and revenue rulings are displayed in the IRS Drop Library priot to publishing in an IRB.

IRS Information Letters.These types of letters contain general statements of the law. They are provided in response to questions from taxpayers and congressional offices. Even though information letters are advisory only and have no binding effect o the IRS, nonetheless they can be used in comprehending the IRS position on the issues they apply,,id=97728,00.html

IRS Written Determinations.This site provides access to private letter rulings, technical advice memoranda, and chief counsel advice. Private letter rulings are taxpayer-specific rulings or determinations that re furnished by the IRS National Office in response to requests from taxpayers. Technical advice memoranda are written memoranda furnished by the IRS National Office upon request of a district director or chief appeals officer. Chief Counsel advice are written advice or instructions prepared by the Office of Chief Counsel and issued to field or service center employees of the IRS or Office of Chief Counsel. These written determinations cannot be used or cited as precedent, but they are helpful in determining the IRS’s position, often on very specific facts.,,id=97705,00.html

Internal Revenue Manual (IRM). The IRM serves as the single official compilation of policies, delegated authorities, procedures, instructions, and guidelines relating to the IRS’s organization, functions, administration, an operations, The IRM is a good source for obtaining the IRS’s procedures and policies.

Coordinated Issue Papers. Provide guidance to field examiners regarding issues that the IRS views a s significant. Although these papers are not official pronouncements on the issues, they do set forth the current thinking at the IRS. These papers are particularly relevant for understanding IRS audit,,id=96445,00.html

IRS Newsroom. The latest news releases, fact, sheets, and other IRS-related news items are available

IRS News Release and Fact Sheet Archive.This site contains news releases, fact sheets, and tax tips that have been issued since 1997.,,id=98040,00.html

Hot Topics. Look here for information about “hot” items such as new programs and recent guidance.,,id=97322,00.html

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