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As detailed in IRS Publication 560 page 14, a solo 401k plan is adopted from a 401k document plan provider. The plan document is referred to as a master or prototype plan that has been approved by the IRS. Publication 560 goes on to detail that the master or prototype plan document may be used by all of the solo 401k plan document providers adopting employers (i.e., the self-employed business clients’). Lastly, publication 560 states that in order to open a solo 401k plan “you must adopt a written plan.”

As such, has obtained an opinion letter from the IRS that confirms their master or prototype solo 401k plan has been approved by the IRS for use by those looking to setup a solo 401k plan.  As a result, as a solo 401k plan document provider offers a fairly priced, IRS approved solo 401k plan document (i.e., most solo 401k plan document providers charge over $1,000 for their solo 401k plan services while mysolo40k charges a few hundred dollars) to make it affordable for those looking to save for retirement by making annual contributions, rolling/transferring IRAs and other 401k plans to the solo 401k, and investing in alternative investments such as real estate, precious metals, tax liens, promissory notes, private companies as well as gaining the option to process/borrow from the solo 401k through a solo 401k loan.

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