Our Story

It all started with childhood friends who had a passion for entrepreneurs.

My Solo 401k Financial emerged during the 2009 global financial crisis and quickly established itself as a leader in helping its clients take control of their retirement funds to achieve their goals.  With a clientele of other small business owners and entrepreneurs those goals include starting or buying a business, investing in alternative investments, borrowing from their retirement and maximizing their retirement savings.

As traditional retirement investments such as equities and mutual funds were wiped out and credit markets frozen, the financial crises was a “double whammy” for small business owners and entrepreneurs as both their livelihood and retirement savings were at significant risk.   The plans offered by My Solo 401k Financial were a “life-saver” as they allow its clients to secure their retirement savings by investing in alternative investments such as real estate, precious metals, notes, private shares and tax liens, to name a few. With banks and traditional lending institutions unwilling to provide small business financing, My Solo 401k Financial helps its clients access their retirement savings without paying taxes or penalties in order to fund an existing business or start a new business.

My Solo 401k Financial was founded and designed to provide a solution to help small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs take control of their retirement savings in order to secure their retirement savings and help their business become successful.

The two founders of My Solo 401k Financial are childhood friends who have both always had a passion for business. After completing their studies, both Mark Nolan and George Blower initially set out on separate career paths – Mark began his career in the retirement industry on the compliance side and George as a corporate finance attorney after graduating from Harvard Law School.  Together, they felt they could help Americans and small businesses with the difficult times they saw coming ahead. Prompted by this vision, they combined their financial savvy and small business knowledge to develop the concept and business plan for My Solo 401k Financial.

Mark and George have worked tirelessly, putting in countless hours to build their staff and client base from the ground up. They have consistently grown the size and revenue of the company year over year, and in the process have created more jobs in a struggling economy and job market. The success of My Solo 401k Financial is in its commitment to professional expertise, responsiveness, and customer service as we strive to “make it easy” for our clients to achieve their goals.