Depositing the Roth Solo 401k Funds to Your Personal Bank Account

Moving the Roth Solo 401k funds from the solo 401k bank/brokerage account to your personal bank account:

  • By Check: Make the check payable in your name and deposit the funds directly into your personal bank account. In the memo section of the check, write “Roth Solo 401k Distribution.”
  • Electronically: You may also have the bank or brokerage firm process the funds from the Roth solo 401k electronically such as by wire to your personal bank account.

In-kind Distribution of Real Estate Held in the Roth Solo 401k

If an alternative investment such as real estate is being distributed from the Roth solo 401k (in-kind distribution) to your own name, make sure to first get the property valued /appraised to ensure the correct distribution amount is reported on Form 1099-R. Also, if you are under age 59 1/2 and have not had the Roth solo 401k for at least 5 years, payment of taxes is required to be paid on the Roth solo 401k gains. The property will then need to be assigned/deeded from the Roth solo 401k to your own name. If real estate, You will need to contact the county recorder to have the property recorded in you name.

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