Pretax to Roth Solo 401k In-Plan Conversion Form

Each time you process an in-plan conversion of pretax solo 401k funds to Roth Solo 401k funds, please complete the following on-line form.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you are converting alternative Investment assets (e.g., real estate, notes, private shares, etc.), make sure to list the fair market value (FMV) of all combined assets converted. Check with your tax professional to determine how to value the applicable asset(s) being converted.

  • If each participant is converting funds, please submit a separate on-line conversion form for each participant.
  • It is best to submit this on-line conversion form once you have converted/moved the funds to ensure the correct amount is reported.
  • We will issue the Form 1099-R in February 2024 to report the 2023 conversion.

You can also access the same form at the following link: Pretax to Roth Solo 401k In-Plan Conversion Form

In-Kind Conversion of Shares QUESTION:

Can I convert shares of stock in say Microsoft or Boeing owned in my pretax solo 401k to the Roth solo 401k?

Yes, you can convert shares in-kind  held in the the pre-tax solo 401(k) to the Roth solo 401(k). You will need to coordinate the movement of the shares with the brokerage firm . Once you move the shares over, please fill out the above online conversion form so that we capture the information for issuing the Form 1099-R to report the taxable in-plan conversion.