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STEP 1Establish Employer Identification Number (EIN) for Solo 401k 

You will need to establish a separate EIN (Employer Identification Number) for your retirement account - you cannot use your SSN. 

(CLICK HERE ) to learn how to obtain the EIN directly from the IRS website); or call us to assist you in obtaining EIN.

Congratulations on your decision to start self-directing your hard-earned money by deciding to Open a Solo 401k.

By furnishing us with some important information, you can establish your Solo 401k | Individual 401k plan conveniently.

Here's what you will need to prepare to open your Solo 401K | Self-Directed 401k account:
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Grow, Control , Direct Your Solo 401k | Self-Directed 401k | Solo K
STEP 3:  Make Payment

  • Calls us at 800-489-7571 to make payment or

  • fax/e-mail payment form to (click here for forms page)
STEP 4: Begin investing!

Upon receipt of above information and payment, we will prepare your Solo 401k documents within 24 hours, e-mail them to you and assist you in 
​completing forms and opening bank account(s).

List of Solo 401k | Self-Directed 401k Documents

  • Solo 41(k) Adoption Agreement
  • Solo 401(k)  Trust Agreement
  • Solo 401(k) Plan Document
  • IRS Opinion/Determination Letter 
  • Beneficiary Designation
  • Entity Type Adoption
  • Our Agreement for Services for you to review and accept

Other Forms

  • Solo 401k Participant Loan Forms
  • Transfer/Rollover Forms
  • Bank Guide for opening Solo 401k Checking Account

**Note that you will also be assigned personal Solo 401k Expert for opening Solo 401k and for all future questions and communications. 
 1. Are you currently participating in a self-employed retirement plan (e.g., existing Solo 401k or Individual 401k, SEP, SIMPLE)? If Yes, please list and provide the name of the financial institution currently holding the plan. If no, write "No".
2. Will  you be transferring existing IRAs or qualified plans such as a former employer 401k to this new Solo 401k? If yes, please list type(s) and name of financial institution(s) where they are currently held.

3. Your name, and if your spouse or business partner will also contribute to Solo 401k, list his or her name. Note that your business partner or spouse can be added later at no additional cost. 
4.Your business/company name (or DBA) 

8. Your full  mailing address, and or business full address.
9. Your E-mail address and phone number
5. Your type of Self-Employed Business  (C Corp, S Corp, Sole Proprietor, LLC, etc.) 
10. The Solo 401k name that you selected during the EIN establishment process via the IRS website (e.g., (Your Last Name) Solo 401k Trust  ; Roberts Solo 401k Trust; ABC Corporation Solo 401k Trust )

STEP 2: Collect and provide information
11. Employer Identification Number (EIN) for Solo 401k  (To obtain EIN, Click Here.) 
Click the submit button to transmit above information to our new accounts inbox.
6. Last day of your business taxable year (e.g., 12/31; 3/31)

7. Do you have any full-time employees other than yourself or spouse/business partner? (If -YES, please contact us for more information.)

Additional Information
Additional Information
Open Solo 401k
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