Transfer QDRO to solo 401k or self-directed IRA?


I am in the process of getting divorced.  My soon-to-be-ex has a 401K through his employer.  It is anticipated that this will be divided in some manner using a QDRO.  I would like to know what my best options are – can I roll it over to a solo 401K or would a self directed IRA be better?  I am interested in in real estate investments & flipping houses.


Yes the rules allow for the transfer of QDRO 401k funds to a solo 401k an/or a self-directed IRA. Also, both the solo 401k and self-directed IRA allow for investing in physical real estate.
Not everyone qualifies for a solo 401k, however, since not everyone is self-employed. However, the self-employment requirement does not apply to self-directed IRAs.
To learn more about the solo 401k self-employment rules, CLICK HERE.
To learn more about the similarities and differences between the solo 401k and self-directed IRA, please visit the following link.

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