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Solo 401k Real Estate LLC – Should I set up a separate LLC for each property? 3 Factors to Consider

Factors to consider in deciding whether to hold Solo 401k real estate investments in a single LLC or multiple entities.

Can My Business Loan Funds to My Spouse’s Solo 401k Plan?

QUESTION: My wife has a solo 401k account and would like to flip a house.  Can my business give her a 60% LTV mortgage on the house for her 401k to purchase?  Neither of us would benefit in the transaction vs. using a bank mortgage, but it would make it a quicker deal and the […]


QUESTION: Thanks for all the help in past, using the SOLO 401k I was able to successfully purchase the property in the account.  The trust paid all cash, i am now wondering if it can refinance and use the proceeds to buy another?  I know i can get a non-recourse loan to make a purchase, […]

Solo 401k Real Estate LLC Investment Questions

QUESTIONS/SCENARIOS: I am about to make an offer on a quad-plex and I need guidance.  I have read up on the process for my Solo 401K, but I still have questions and don’t want to make an offer that doesn’t comply in terms of entities. I have also formed a LLC under which I intend […]

Securing Personal Loan Using Solo 401k Funds Vs Non-Recourse Loan to Solo 401k

QUESTIONS: I have a solo 401k trust and want to know about leveraging my solo 401k funds for  equity lines of credit; and reverse mortgages. Do yo also have recommendations for banks who are familiar with these type of transactions should he proceed with any of the above transactions through one of the options referenced […]