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Self-directed 401k Question Answered – Can my Solo 401k invest in my existing LLC?

If I already have a single member LLC created, do I just file an amendment to make my solo 401(k) the member?

Self-directed 401k FAQ – How do I obtain an EIN for my Solo 401k LLC real estate investments?

Self-directed 401k Question: Can you provide the right details to put under IRS EIN form and creating an LLC for my solo 401(k) for real estate investments?

Good News: Backdoor Roth and Mega Backdoor Removed from Pending Reconciliation Bill Build Back Better Act of 2021

UPDATE: Great News! The mega backdoor will not be banned for 2022 (LEARN MORE HERE) as President Biden announced on December 16 that the Build Back Better bill won’t get passed in 2021so you just need to adopt the solo 401k plan by December 31, 2021 so that you can make all solo 401k contribution types including the voluntary […]

ErisX (CBOE Digital) Review – How to Invest a Self-Directed IRA LLC in Cryptocurrency with ErisX (CBOE Digital)

Learn how to Open a cryptocurrency account for your Self-Directed IRA LLC at ErisX (now CBOE Digital). Please check out our Webinar with John Denza, Chief Commercial Officer @ ErisX (CBOE Digital) where we reviewed the benefits and features of the ErisX (CBOE Digital) cryptocurrency exchange as well the steps required to open an ErisX […]

Your options once your self-employed business hires full-time W-2 employees-close the solo 401k plan

Once your business employs a W-2 employee who works 1,000 hours or more during the year, you will no longer qualify for a solo 401(k) plan. Following are the typical options once your business grows and employs full-time W-2 employees. One option is to transfer the solo 401(k) to a self-directed IRA.    See the […]

LLC for Solo 401k & Ultimately Transfer the Solo 401k LLC to a Self-Directed IRA LLC

One option if you are no longer self-employed, or if you no longer qualify for a solo 401k plan because your business has grown resulting in hiring a full-time or multiple full-time W-2 employees, is to invest the solo 401k funds in a single member LLC where the solo 401k is the sole member of […]

Solo 401k Real Estate LLC – Should I set up a separate LLC for each property? 3 Factors to Consider

Factors to consider in deciding whether to hold Solo 401k real estate investments in a single LLC or multiple entities.

California Franchise Tax of $800 Waived for Solo 401k Member LLC for Real Estate

Unlike an IRA LLC in California where the IRA is the member of the LLC which is subject to the California annual franchise tax of $800, a solo 401k LLC where the solo 401k is the member of the LLC is not subject to the $800 annual franchise fee provided the solo 401k LLC solely […]


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