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Deep Dive – CARES Act Distributions: Payback, Taxes & Reporting

Please listen to an in-depth discussion of the rules applicable to distributions under the CARES Act including: How to take a distribution Spreading Taxes over 3 years Tax Reporting Payback Rules & Examples CARES Act Distributions (CRD) –Basics Qualify: Individual or his/her household member is impacted medically or financially by COVID-19 in one of the […]

Non-Qualified Distributions from Roth Solo 401k

Distribution from a Roth solo 401k that are not deemed “Roth solo 401k qualified distributions”  will be subject to the pro-rata basis distribution rules. This means the Roth solo 401k distributions will consist partly of the after-tax contributions and partly of the pre-tax earnings in the Roth solo 401(k) account.  The taxable portion of the […]