Solo 401k Plan Document

The Self-Directed Solo 401k Plan Documents

When you are ready to a Open Solo 401k with checkbook control that allows for investing in alternative investments such as real estate, precious metals (gold, silver), tax liens, trust deeds (notes) and more, as well as borrow from Solo 401k for any purpose (Solo 401k Loan), will take care of the solo 401k establishment process from beginning to end.

What’s more, as a Solo 401k Provider, My Solo401k Financial offers one of the best priced self-directed solo 401k plans in the industry which only takes 24 hours to establish.

The 401k Plan Document

Solo 401k plans, like all qualified retirement plans, must be in writing. The written plan requirement means that a 401k plan must be embodied in a formal plan document.

Following is list of the IRS Approved Solo 401k Plan Documents and Solo 401k Loan Documents that are prepared by My solo 401k Financial

Adoption Agreement

Lists options for the individual plan sponsor. Common options include minimum age and service conditions for becoming a Participant, normal retirement age, excluded employees, etc. My Solo401k Financial Compliance Officer will review the adoption agreement with you to ensure it is structured to your needs.

Basic Plan Document

The Basic Plan document is the Prototype Plan and Trust document that sets forth the rules of the Solo 401k Plan including types of investments that Solo 401k may be invested in, Solo 401k Loan Rules, distribution rules, etc. My Solo401k Financial Compliance Officer is always available to answer questions and assist you in understanding the Solo 401k plan rules.

EGTRRA  & PPA Amendments

This Prototype Plan includes updates stemming from the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act (EGTRRA) and Pension Protection Act.

The Summary Plan Description

Summarizes the important features of the Plan document, including your benefits and obligations under the Plan. My Solo401k Financial Compliance Officer will review the Summary Plan Description document with you so that you have a full understanding of all the provisions of the Solo 401k Plan.

Summary Plan Description

Document that outlines the administrative provisions of the plan including naming you as trustee of the plan. My Solo401k Financial Compliance Officer will review the Summary Plan Description with you to answer any questions that you may have.

Trust Agreement

The Trust Agreement embedded in the Basic Plan documents contains the responsibilities and duties of the trustee. My Solo401k Financial Compliance Officer will review the Trust Agreement with you to answer any current and ongoing questions that you may have.

Appointment of Trustee

The Adoption Agreement is used to appoint the individual (generally the business owner) who will serve as trustee of the Solo 401k. My Solo401k Financial Compliance Officer is always available to explain the role of the Trustee(s).

Beneficiary Designation

As part of the Solo 401k opening process, you will need to elect primary and contingent beneficiaries of your Solo 401k. Compliance Officer is always available to explain the beneficiary rules.

Loan Procedure

Embedded in The Basic Plan Document, you will have access to Participant Loan from your Solo 401k Plan. The minimum loan amount is $1,000 and the maximum is 50% of Solo 401k account value not to exceed $50,000. My Solo401k Financial Compliance Officer will explain the Solo 401k Participant Loan rules.

Loan Documentation

My Solo401k Financial Compliance Officer will prepare Loan Application, Lending Disclosure Statement, Loan Agreement and Loan Amortization Schedule for all your Participant Loans at no additional charge.

Transfer Request Forms

My Solo401k Financial will prepare transfer forms for transferring your IRAs and other qualified plans to your newly established Solo 401k Plan while preserving their tax-deferred status.

Newly assigned Employer Identification Number from the IRS

My Solo401k Financial’s Compliance Officer will walk you through the process of obtaining EIN directly from the IRS website which can be obtained in a matter of minutes.

IRS Determination Letter

This letter is issued by the National Office of the IRS and it states that this is a Prototype Plan that meets the requirements of a qualified plan. provides copy of IRS Determination Letter to all new clients.

How Do I Get Started?

Contact My Solo401k Financial at 1-800-489-7571 for free consultation or, if you are ready to proceed, visit our sign-up page by clicking on Open Solo 401k. Once we receive the required information, we will establish Solo 401k in 24 hours.


Plan Document QUESTION:

I found your contact information from your website. I have a solo 401 K with Merrill Lynch. They do not have a plan document to attach to the 401 (K). Is it necessary to have a plan document in order to take advantage of tax deferred contributions?


If you have a solo 401k plan with  Merrill Lynch   already then you already have a solo 401k plan document as that is the cornerstone of the solo 401k setup.


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