Self- Directed IRA LLC

The IRA LLC can be invested in alternative investments such as real estate and notes by writing a check.

Quick facts

Those who want to manage and place their own IRA investments.

$5,500 ($6,500) if you’re age 50 or older), or your taxable compensation for the year, if your compensation was less than this dollar limit. The IRA contribution limit does not apply to rollover contributions.

Former employer funds and existing IRAs may be transferred to a self-directed IRA which is then invested in an LLC that you manage. Contributions can’t exceed 100% of compensation.

Checkbook Control
A self-directed IRA LLC is manager managed as opposed to member managed. As such, as the named LLC manager, you are in full control over placing the LLC IRA investments in any investment not prohibited under the IRS regulations. IRA LLC investment purchases are generally made by writing a check from the LLC checking account and processed in the name of the LLC

Investment choices
Besides still retaining option to invest in equities (stocks and mutual funds), since 2002 the self-directed IRA owned LLC has steadily grown in popularity as the common form of business for placing real estate purchases in addition to tax liens, precious metals, trust deeds and private company shares, to name a few.

No age or income restrictions.

Account service fees
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