Continue With Solo 401k Plan Part-Time Income

I have few questions about contributing to my Solo 401K Trust.
I have setup this trust when I was working as an independent contractor/consultant for my own business.
There was a change in my employment this year and I am working as a W-2 employee for another business. My business  is active but has no revenue this year.
My question are
1. Can my Solo 401K trust  be continued to exist?
ANSWER: As long as you continue to perform at minimum part-time self-employment activity you can continue with a solo 401k plan and are not required to make annual contributions.
2. If it can continue to exist, can I contribute any funds from my w-2 income? I will be using my after tax money to contribute. So, does it make sense?
ANSWER: No you cannot contribute to the solo 401k from wages earned at your full-time employer, as only self-employment income can be used to make contributions to a solo 401k plan.
I really appreciate your help.

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