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I am considering opening a Solo 401k to invest in real estate and have been researching Broad Financial Reviews, Sense Financial Reviews, and the other companies in this space.  What sets My Solo 401k Financial apart?

Our customers choose us because of our ExpertiseService & Reputation.
  • Expertise:  Since 2009, My Solo 401k Financial has been providing an IRS approved Solo 401k.  Our team is led by our Founder/Compliance Officer Mark Nolan who has over 20 years experience in the industry & George Blower (attorney, Harvard Law).  Our Owners are very hands-on in ensuring that your Solo 401k plan is set up quickly and correctly.
  • Service:  Based on our client feedback (e.g., A+ BBB rating with no complaints, etc.), this leads to a better service experience for our clients.    Rather than a sales person who may be focused on signing you up now and who may not be there in the long run, you will be working directly with the owners of the company throughout the entire business funding transaction.  We are going to be just as focused as you are in ensuring that your Solo 401k account is opened quickly and correctly so that you can achieve your objectives.    We are not focused on “closing the sale” but rather have a long-term view.
  • Reputation: The entire My Solo 401k Financial team works very hard to maintain our Pristine Reputation with no negative reviews! We are grateful that our customers and others have recognized our experience, expertise & customer service in selecting us over other options that are available to them.
    • Please visit our Testimonials to see examples of customers whom we have helped take control of their retirement funds with our Solo 401k plan.
    • We have received “5-Star” & “A plus” ratings from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and have never received a single customer complaint served against us as confirmed by the BBB.  This is based on 40 glowing and unfiltered customer reviews. Click here to read our customer reviews.
    • See our Yelp page where we have received 100% 5-star ratings for all customer reviews.

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About George Blower

I have the privilege of educating our clients about our products and services so that they can make informed and confident decisions about their financial future. Prior to joining My Solo 401k Financial, I served as the general counsel for a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 financial services company. Learn more about George Blower and My Solo 401k Financial >>


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