ALERT: Court holds owner of and in Civil Contempt

Founder of Solo 401k provider used forged IRS document 

Jeff Trin, founder of and which offers on its website “IRS approved retirements plans” including Solo 401k accounts, pled no contest to fraudulently altering an IRS favorable determination letter, per court filings with the State of Michigan Circuit Court for the County of Oakland.

An IRS favorable determination letter allows the customer to verify that the IRS has reviewed the offered Solo 401k plan documents and that the plan is a qualified plan.

On May 20, 2020, the Court held Mr. Trin, founder of Solo 401k Services LLC and Retygo Financial LLC, in civil contempt.  
The Court ordered Mr. Trin to permanently discontinue and dissolve Solo 401k Services LLC, an Arizona limited liability company, through which Mr. Trin offered self-directed retirement accounts such as self-directed Solo 401k plans including shutting down, the related email accounts and telephone number as well as related Better Business Bureau profile.

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