100% Confidence – 401k / IRA Business Funding Guarantee

Our 401k Business Funding  Guarantee

We are 100% committed to providing you the best service, value and expertise in helping you use your retirement funds to finance your business. We stand behind this commitment by providing the following guarantee at no additional cost to you as long as you follow our procedures and requirements:

  • Your 401k plan will receive a favorable determination letter from the IRS.
  • Your 401k business funding plan will be setup timely and efficiently (typically 2-3 weeks).
  • Your retirement funds will be transferred to your new 401k without taxes or penalties.
  • Unlimited ongoing access to our expert professionals:
  • A dedicated Compliance Officer with over 18 years of experience to help you with any IRS or Department of Labor (DOL) plan audit;
  • Assistance with responding to a IRS or DOL plan audit; and
  • If the IRS or DOL allege that your retirement plan’s initial investment in your company’s stock is a prohibited transaction, we will provide reasonable legal counsel to represent you in tax court.

​Terms and conditions available upon request.

QUESTION: What are common ROBS 401k audit reasons?

ANSWER:  Not cooperating in performing the required ROBS 401k annual reporting such as the filing of Form 5500 is the most common reason for an audit. Another reason is not properly reporting the transfer of former employer and/or IRA funds to the ROBS 401k on your personal tax return.