How About a Self-Directed Solo 401k at Ameritrade from

Now you can open a brokerage account for your Self-Directed Solo 401k at Ameritrade using plan documents. This comes in handy if you are looking to still invest part of your Solo 401k in equities (stocks and mutual funds) while still having freedom to invest in alternative investments such as real estate, notes, gold, private shares, etc.  What’s more, you will have option to borrow (take a loan) from your Solo 401k since it comes with checkbook control and plan document permits participant loans. Also, will prepare all participant loan documents.

So if your current Solo 401k or Individual 401k or Solo k at Ameritrade only allows for investing in equities and/or does not permit participant loans (to  borrow from it), contact to update your Ameritrade Solo 401k to a Self-Directed Solo 401k from This way you can invest in what you want and have option to borrow from Solo 401k.

Here’s how the process of opening Self-Directed Solo 401k at Ameritrade using trust/plan document works:

Existing Plan at Ameritrade

I already have Plan at Ameritrade (e.g., Individual 401k, Solo 401k, KEOGH, Profit Sharing). will supply you with our Solo 401k trust document, Ameritrade Trust Account Application, and Ameritrade Checking Application.

Then you will submit above forms to Ameritrade and instruct them to internally transfer you existing plan to your new Ameritrade Solo 401k brokerage account from

NOTE that a transfer form is not necessary since your existing plan will be transferred internally to new Self-Directed Solo 401k plan using trust documents.

Existing IRA at Ameritrade

If you already have existing IRA at Ameritrade (e.g., Traditional, SEP, or SIMPLE IRA), will provide you with our Solo 401k trust document, Ameritrade Trust Account Application, Ameritrade Checking Application, and our Transfer form.

You will then submit above forms to Ameritrade and your existing IRA will be transferred internally to your new Self-Directed Solo 401k from

After your Self-Directed Solo 401k is established using plan/trust documents, all administration of the Self-Directed Solo 401k plan is handled by you as Trustee of the plan, with assistance (e.g., we offer free preparation for Form 5500 EZ and Form 1099-R as well as Solo 401k participant loan docs). We will also assign you your own personal Solo 401k Expert for all your technical questions and communications.

To learn more about converting your existing Ameritrade Solo 401k or IRA to a self-directed Solo 401k from, please call us at 800.489.7571 or e-mail us at

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