How to Open a Self-directed IRA LLC Account at Gemini

Our self-directed IRA LLC allows you to invest traditional or Roth IRA funds in cryptocurrency (bitcoin) including at crypto exchanges like Gemini.

After You Open the IRA LLC

After you open an IRA LLC and fund the IRA LLC bank account, below are the steps to open an account at Gemini in the name of the LLC which is owned by your IRA.

Video Slides: Complete Guide for How to Open IRA LLC Account at Gemini

Social Security and Disability QUESTION:

I want to roll over my previous employer pension/401K to invest in cryptocurrency with Gemini. Will creating an LLC affect my social Security disability payments if own a business?

An IRA LLC is merely a structure to passively invest your retirement funds and is not a business. Therefore, the investments grow on a tax deferred basis until IRA distributions commence, usually at retirement or when you reach the required minimum distribution age. 

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