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Additional Information
Additional Information

Solo 401k 
Checkbook Control   $595
Franchise Funding
ROBS 401k   $3,000
Checkbook Control     $600
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401k for real estate
Solo 401k checkbook
Solo 401k Loan
Invest in: real estate, precious metals, notes, tax liens, private placements and stocks.

Checkbook Control
Place solo 401k investments by writing a check. 

Solo 401k Loan
Borrow 50% of the solo 401k balance for any purpose. The Solo 401k Loan option is available to each solo 401k participant(e.g., both spouses or business partners).

ROBS process
business funding 401k
Business Franchise Funding: ​
Fund your business start-up with retirement funds. 

Penalty free: Not a taxable distribution nor a loan.

Learn more: Visit 401k Small Business Financing to learn more about the 401k franchise business funding solution.

Checkbook IRA
IRA LLC benefits
IRA investments
Invest in: ​precious metals, tax liens, real estate, tax liens, private equity stocks.

Checkbook: Process investment purchases by writing a check.

Learn more: Visit IRA LLC to learn more about our self directed IRA solution.

Harvard Blog: ​visit our Harvard-Law attorney's blog. 

Harvard Law Business 401k BlogClick Here

Our Compliance Officer's Solo 401k BlogClick Here

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